A Letter from the CEO

As the CEO of Primeshots Studios, I am thrilled to lead this creative space. Our mission is to empower you in capturing your memories, providing the tools, services, and education needed to celebrate your unique stories. As a Haitian and Black-owned business, the roots of our studio are deeply connected to the values of our culture. I am driven by the desire to uplift and support our community. This is precisely why Primeshots Studios was born – to bring a world-class studio right to your doorstep, to bridge the gap and create a vibrant hub of creativity in our own neighborhood.

At Primeshots Studios, we see more than just a business – we see a family, ready to empower one another and create stories through creativity. Together, let’s embrace and celebrate our diverse stories, and create a legacy that shines brightly for generations to come.


Thank you for being an integral part of Primeshots Studios.



With heartfelt gratitude,

Nicholas Marcelin

Founder and CEO, Primeshots Studios